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Matte White Wax Warmer

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Our matte black wax warmer is a wonderful option to enjoy our any of our wax melts. The bowl and tealight holder are both removable which allows for easy cleaning. It is elegant in design, suitable for any room. 


Wax Warmer Details:

◆ Wax warmer height: ~170mm

◆ Wax warmer width: ~100mm at the widest point

◆ Wax warmer frame colour: white

◆ Ceramic bowl and tealight holder colour: black

◆ Please note, our wholesaler uses a small amount of bubble wrap to protect the wax warmers during shipping. We believe it is more eco-friendly to reuse their packaging rather than throw away the bubble wrap and use our own, therefore the wax warmers will be packaged with reused bubble wrap

Cleaning tips

There are two easy ways to clean your wax warmer bowl:

◆ If the wax is fully melted, use paper towels to soak up the wax and put it into the bin. Use another paper towel to wipe off any excess. Be very careful and do not touch the wax directly as it may be hot

◆ If the wax is hardened, use your wax warmer to heat the wax for a few minutes to loosen the bottom of the wax. Once loosened, the wax will pop right out and you can dispose of it in the bin. Use a paper towel to wipe off any excess