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Only $8 shipping Australia wide. FREE on orders over $50
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Matte Black Bundle

Matte Black Bundle

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This bundle is great for someone new to wax melts or as a gift because it includes everything you need to enjoy them! In this bundle you will receive:

◆ 1x matte black wax warmer

◆ 3x regular wax melts in reusable jars

◆ 5x tealight candles


Simply type in your three scent choices in the fields above and they will be included in your bundle! The scents available to choose from are:

◆ Boy's Trip

◆ Canoodling On The Beach

◆ Caramel Butter Cake

◆ Caribbean Getaway

◆ Coconut Lime Daiquiri

◆ Coffee Shop

◆ Field Of Flowers

◆ Froot Loops

◆ Groovy Grape Bubble Gum

◆ Japanese Honeysuckle

◆ Lavender Day Spa

◆ Lemongrass Green Tea

◆ Sandalwood Patchouli

◆ Strawberry Champagne

◆ Watermelon Sugar

◆ Wildberries & Vanilla

◆ Zesty Melons

The details

◆ The wax warmer is approximately 17cm tall and 10cm wide at the widest point.

◆ Each wax melt jar contains approximately 65 grams of wax melts, which provides around 60 hours of fragrance each

◆ Our wax melts are made with high quality fragrance oils and 100% natural soy wax

◆ Our wax is vegan friendly and biodegradable

◆ All of our wax melts are individually hand-poured with more fragrance than a regular candle. They can be reused after melting and are free from plastics, parabens, additives and carcinogens

◆ Please note, our wholesaler uses a small amount of bubble wrap to protect the wax warmers during shipping. We believe it is more eco-friendly to reuse their packaging rather than throw away the bubble wrap and use our own, therefore the wax warmers will be packaged with reused bubble wrap