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Matte Black Bundle (3 pack)

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This bundle is great for someone new to wax melts or as a gift to someone special. It includes everything you need to enjoy them! In this bundle you will receive:

◆ 1x matte black wax warmer

◆ 3x regular wax melts

◆ 5x tealight candles


Simply type in your three scent choices in the fields above and they will be included in your bundle! The scents available to choose from are:

◆ Canoodling On The Beach

◆ Caramel Butter Cake

◆ Caribbean Getaway

◆ Citrus Peel & Lemongrass

◆ Coconut Lime Daiquiri

◆ Field Of Flowers

◆ Fruit Loops

◆ Grape Bubble Gum

◆ Her Favourite Sweater

◆ His Favourite Hoodie

◆ Japanese Honeysuckle

◆ Lavender Day Spa

◆ Lemongrass & Green Tea

◆ Lychee & Black Tea

◆ Morning Coffee

◆ Sandalwood Patchouli

◆ Strawberry Champagne

◆ Watermelon Sugar

◆ Wildberries & Vanilla

◆ Zesty Melons

Wax Warmer Details:

◆ Wax warmer height: ~170mm

◆ Wax warmer width: ~100mm at the widest point

◆ Wax warmer frame colour: black

◆ Ceramic bowl and tealight holder colour: white

◆ Please note, our wholesaler uses a small amount of bubble wrap to protect the wax warmers during shipping. We believe it is more eco-friendly to reuse their packaging rather than throw away the bubble wrap and use our own, therefore the wax warmers will be packaged with reused bubble wrap


Regular Wax Melt Details:

◆ Wax weight: ~65g

◆ Burn time: ~60 hours

◆ Height: ~110mm

◆ Diameter: ~47mm