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Canoodling On The Beach (Jumbo)

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Canoodling On The Beach

Fragrance family: citrusy, fruity, sweet


Named after the classic tropical cocktail, this playful blend produces a crisp and fruity atmosphere.

This fragrance is carefully blended with notes of cranberries, orange and peach to create its 'true to life' scent. Canoodling On The Beach provides a touch of whimsy and is suitable for anyone who enjoys a clean scent with a hint of sweetness, as well as someone who enjoys a fruity fragrance.


Fragrance Notes:

◆ Top notes: citrus zest, tart cranberry

◆ Middle notes: peach, orange

◆ Base notes: jasmine


Product Details:

◆ Product type: Jumbo wax melts

◆ Wax weight: ~140g

◆ Burn time: ~130 hours

◆ Height: ~165mm

◆ Diameter: ~53mm