Our Story

Starting as a hobby, I purchased a candle making kit and made my first two candles in 2013. I remember the scents were coconut and lime, and Japanese honeysuckle. I had no idea how scientific candle making could be! My first two candles had barely any scent and came out lumpy. After a great deal of experimentation and three candle making kits later, I had a set of candles to be proud of. Sadly, adult-life took over and I had no time leftover for candle making.

Fast forward to 2020, I discovered wax melts and its wonderful benefits over candles (refer to "Wax Melts?" in the footer). I was once again immersed in this captivating hobby of creating beautiful scents for my home but this time I knew what to expect. After months of experimenting with different waxes, recording exact measurements and optimising the wax to fragrance ratio, I was very happy with the way my house smelled. 

Once lockdown finished and friends and family came to visit, they were amazed by the atmosphere in my home. Before I knew it, I was making wax melts for them, and their friends, and their friends' friends.

The endless experimentation and precise measurements reminded me of chemistry class. This inspired me to create auromaLABS.